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It’s important to us that you experience a mind-blowing workout. But here’s the thing: We all know that having a partner to share the experience with makes it easier to stay committed. 

We will make sure that you both have a fantastic Sweat Pilates experience.

Our program allows you to earn referral coins by inviting your friends to experience our services. You will be awarded 100 referral coins in your wallet when your friend books a trial session and when becomes a part of the Sweat Pilates Fam, both the referral and the new joiner get 2.5% of the package each in the wallet.

We encourage you to take advantage of this program and share the benefits of our services with your friends.

Gift A Membership To Your Near And Dear Ones

Give the gift of wellness and vitality to your cherished ones. Invest in their well-being by gifting them a class, session, or membership towards a healthier lifestyle today. Let them embark on a journey of improved health and fitness, embracing a path to a happier and more vibrant life.

You can Refer our Sweat Pilates website link to your friends.

Upon becoming a member and part of the Sweat Pilates Fam, you and your friend will get 2.5 % of the package in your wallet.

5 session

15 days


Referral Coins: 87

12 sessions

Discount: 10%

1 + 1 month


Referral Coins: 300

36 sessions

Discount: 20%

3 + 1 months


Referral Coins: 500

72 sessions

Discount: 30%

1 year + 2 months


Referral Coins: 1,375

288 sessions

Discount: 10%

2 years + 6 months


Referral Coins: 2,250

Discount: 20%
Discount: 30%


Mansi Raut Mansi Raut

I am loving the classes at Sweat Pilates by BodyProCoach, such a great full body workout with engaging and motivating instructors. I have tried a few places and Sweat Pilates by BodyProCoach is by far the best on offer out there.

Neha Arya Neha Arya

I have done 5 classes and am addicted to it already. The atmosphere, vibe, trainers and music make for such a great experience. The workouts are never the same and I always leave feeling I have worked every part of my body.

Karan Grover Karan Grover

Exercise has always been a struggle for me, but finding Sweat Pilates through BodyProCoach has really benefited me in more ways than one. I am always excited to come to class, as the trainers push me and encourage me to step outside my comfort zone. And as a result of this, in every single class I take, I achieve something I couldn’t in the previous class. Sweat Pilates by BodyProCoach has taught me to care about being strong and balanced, both mentally and physically, as opposed to just “being fit”, and for that I am grateful.

Deepshikha Mehta Deepshikha Mehta

I have never in my life enjoyed exercising until I started at Sweat Pilates by BodyProCoach! The instructors are all amazing, the studio has a great atmosphere, and the classes are so much fun. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking to do something that will test their limits that is enjoyable too!

Sunny Saigal Sunny Saigal

I absolutely love Sweat Pilates by BodyProCoach! It is probably my favourite class I have done and highly recommend for any one who is looking to keep fit and tone their body. The staff is extremely helpful and is a great community to be a part of.

Deepika Singhania Deepika Singhania

I have seen a huge transformation since joining Sweat Pilates by BodyProCoach, with drastic improvements in my posture, strength and flexibility! I had never done any Pilates before and the trainers cater for all experience levels. There is a great variety of workouts and the music, lights and vibe you in the zone.

Rohit Kapoor Rohit Kapoor

Seriously in LOVE with Sweat Pilates! These guys provide the ultimate reformer experience, the lights and music are always on point and the instructors are all amazing. I feel challenged in every workout and always have so much fun. OBSESSED!

Siddharth Malhotra Siddharth Malhotra

The best workout I’ve done in a while. Time flies by and you feel so good afterwards. The lighting and music makes the whole experience so fun; and all the instructors are amazing. 5/5

Kunal Raj Dev Kunal Raj Dev

Sweat Pilates is like nothing I’ve ever done before. High energy and so uniquely fun. I’ll never be able to set foot in a regular gym again! highly recommend everyone to give Sweat Pilates by BodyProCoach a go.