Sweat Pilates in 60 seconds

As a beginner, this video below will provide you with all the knowledge you seek.


Sweat Pilates comes with a combination of strength, endurance, and resistance training that is going to make you look fitter and stronger, you can expect to lose around 500 to 700 calories per class. Our vibe will make your heart pump to the beat of the music.


Sweat Pilates works on movements with stability training to make you functionally the fittest version of yourself, and cover all your fitness requirements. Let Sweat Pilates be your fitness haven.


Flexibility and Core are the ethics of Sweat Pilates. A strong core improves the body's mechanism and increases athletic performance. It's time to Sweat and work hard.

What can you expect from Sweat Pilates?


We provide exercises that challenge you to the limit and provide amazing effectiveness. Your journey is accompanied by our continuous support.


The beauty of the reformer lies in its ability to bring beginners and athletes together, ensuring an amazing workout for both. Tailor the spring settings to match your desired intensity level.


Get ready for transformative changes in your body: increased strength, elongated muscles, a more powerful core, toned glutes, and improved posture. Dedicate yourself to the hard work, and we'll deliver the desired results you seek.


Our studios are equipped with convenient amenities like changing rooms, shower facilities and hair bars for your pre and post-class preparations. A place with great lighting, mirrored walls, pumping music and a sense of positivity all over.​


We understand that entering your first class can be nerve-wracking, you are not alone. But, believe us when we say that the moment of insight is approaching. You'll begin to comprehend the motions, become at ease with your body, and discover your groove. You are more capable than you may believe, and we are here to support you. Let's Vibe together in our workout and music, and sweat it out on the floor.



The best class for full-body conditioning, SWEAT TOTAL combines strength, endurance, and stretching using TRX and wall Mounted rigs.

SWEAT stretch

SWEAT STRETCH teaches you mind-body movement focusing on improving flexibility, balance, coordination, and complete body awareness.


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